About Me

My name is Rick Rose. I got interested in reptiles at age 8 when, playing in the local barranca, I saw my first alligator lizard. No hesitation, I grabbed it. It bit me and I cried but held on. When I brought it home, my dad built me a cage for him, and I loved that lizard. When my father and I would go camping at red rock in Santa Barbara Mountains, I would come back with a sack of snakes and lizards, and we would sell them on the penny saver. I also got into falconry and trained birds of prey to free-fly.

I have been interested in chameleons for about 30 years now. I've often gone down to Tujunga to get captured wild panthers from reptile specialists. The problem was that the wild chameleons were usually big and old and filled with parasites, so I eventually realized that captive bred chameleons are best. Now I have bought captive bred panthers from the best breeders in California to Florida. I have a beautiful collection of multi-color panther chameleons now breeding top of the line animals. All my chameleons are fed gut-loaded crickets, super worms, and silkworms. All my chameleons go out into natural sunshine for maximum UV benefits. My collection compares with the best in the business, and now I am selling offspring. These young chameleons are second to none.

-- Rick Rose

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